Morgan Heyward:
Light Personified


Illuminating the world through storytelling.

Who is Morgan?
Morgan Heyward is a New York Based Actress.She is looking to expand her market and begin working in Atlanta and LA.She gets excited about bringing stories to life that amplify black voices.To her, the best work captures the humanity of the character. She will bring the light to any scene she's in. She is the silly, sweet lover in your next rom-com.

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Setting the Page Ablaze

Morgan has written several short plays, op-eds and original performance pieces. Morgan writes pieces centered around the unique experiences of black and brown people. She challenges typical stereotypes by capturing humanity on paper through the lens of people of color.


"New Voices: Amid the upheaval, ask yourselves, 'What can I do?"

"Ask yourselves:

What does it feel like to wake up as a Black Woman?

Do you know the answer?

What does it feel like to wake up as a Black Man?

Can you empathize?"

- The Times union Newspaper 


8 Ways to Say Goodbye

"Why do they hate us because of our skin? Why? How? That's why they're marching right? So people will become less racist? But you had to die for that to happen right? You changed the world. You're changing the world. I hope it works​."

- A Short Play Made for Zoom

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"The caged bird is the song we sing in the face of death for fear that we’ll die with it still trapped inside of us. "

- Morgan Heyward Dear Lil':A Solo Show 

Shining Light on Other Artists

Morgan Started Illuminate Theatre  in August 2017 as a one time Theatre Cabaret designed to highlight actors of color in the Capital Region. Quickly after the first production, Illuminate Theatre became a monthly event. Since then, Illuminate has involved over 70 actors in the capital region and several black playwrights. Through Illuminate, Morgan  has gone on to produce original short plays for the African American Cultural Center, The NYS Black and Latino Caucus, The Albany Barn,CapRep and several other organizations. Illuminate Theatre is committed to shining light on actors who have been left in the shadows by providing opportunities for theatre artists of color .

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