All submissions must be in by February 23rd at 12am EST 

Contest instructions

  1. W​rite a one minute monologue inspired by the Prompt "My Black is Beautiful". 

  2. Grab a friend or family member to record you performing your monologue .

  3. Fill out your application below and submit your final monologue recording in mp4. format. 

Rules for Success 

​Your Monologue 

  • Write your monologue in first person as if you are talking to someone 

  • Create a character as if you are writing a full length play. In your monologue your character should have a reason for why they are speaking, it can be a problem they are trying to solve or a goal they are trying to achieve.
    Example: Troy in Fences needs his family to understand the struggles he faces as a black man in America. 

  • Instead of simply repeating the writing prompt, use it as inspiration.
    Example: I might tell a story about the love I have for my best friend and the beauty of black sisterhood. 

Your Recording 

  • Record your monologue with your device in a vertical orientation. 

  • Before beginning your monologue please slate by stating your name, age, school and the name of your monologue. After slating take a moment and begin your piece. 

  • The frame of your video should be from the middle of your stomach to just above your head. (If you are sitting , we should see from your knees up. )

  • Record against a plain wall in a quiet room. 

  • Get creative! Is your character sitting or standing? Do you walk into the Frame? Do you have props? What are you wearing? Make choices that tell us more about your character. 

  • Be sure that you upload your video in the write format . Most phones and devices record in MP4. , be sure to double check. 


The Prizes 

One winner will have the choice between the two prizes listed below 

  1. A one year membership to casting platform actors 

  2. A one year Subscription to online industry magazine and casting platform 

Each option will come with a coaching session from Illuminate Founder Morgan Heyward who will work with the winner to set up a strong profile and begin submitting to roles. 


​Black students ages 13-18, living and going to school in the city of Albany are eligible to submit . 

Contact ​

All questions comments and concerns can be sent to

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